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Acorn Song

Have you seen the most viewed Will Hale Tadpole Parade YouTube video?

I play the Acorn Song at the end of almost every one of my concerts. It’s a fantastic way to get kids chilled out after plenty of intense air guitar jamming. This is a fairly wobbly version. It usually goes even smoother. I would like to record a new version teachers and parents can use. This one seems to be pretty popular anyway.

Family Groove

For many years I produced, FAMILY GROOVE a weekly kids music program at KFAI Community Radio

We consistently pushed the boundaries of traditional purple dinosaur “Children’s Music” geared for 1-3 year olds, by providing music that can open the doors of awareness to the unlimited possibilities of music, to blaze a trail for a smooth transition to music kids will never have to outgrow.

You can listen to a full Family Groove program archived here.

I made a Spotify playlist to share some of our favorite Family Groove music. Get your groove on!

Spotify Will Hale

Have you noticed? Just about every Will Hale and The Tadpole Parade song is available on Spotify to stream any time you like! Plus I get a 100th of a penny royalty every time you listen, WoooHooo!

There is a link for donations on my Spotify artist page. Any contribution is appreciated!

You can get a Spotify music account for free if you don’t already have one.

Listen to Will Hale and The Tadpole Parade on Spotify

You can find Will Hale and the Tadpole Parade music on most streaming platforms.

I Love My Mother

I made this page for my traditional Mother’s Day post but it needs to be up EVERY DAY! Because I really LOVE MY MOTHER!

I have added Fathers, Family and other verses to my live performances. I need to record a new version.


Click here to listen – I Love My Mother

A song by Will Hale and The Tadpole Parade
Featuring 400 very loud kids that Love their Mothers!

If you Love your mother, sing it loud!               
and please share this song link with others.