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10 Ways to get and keep kids attention

10 Ways to get and keep kids attention is one of my most popular presentations at educational conferences and professional development trainings.

Click here for a highlights summary of The Best Ways to get and keep kids attention.

Acorn Song

Have you seen the most viewed Will Hale Tadpole Parade YouTube video?

I play the Acorn Song at the end of almost every one of my concerts. It’s a fantastic way to get kids chilled out after plenty of intense air guitar jamming. This is a fairly wobbly version. It usually goes even smoother. I would like to record a new version teachers and parents can use. This one seems to be pretty popular anyway.

Heartful Harmony

The HEARTFUL HARMONY SYSTEM is my latest project.

After years of preparation I am happy to begin sharing this simple transformative process I have used and developed over decades of personal experience.

You can sign up for the free Harmony Refresh Quick Start Gifts here www.HarmonyRefresh.com

Heartfulness is our natural state of Harmony

Heartfulness is a process of being who you are and becoming more of all you are.

The Heartful Harmony System  www.HeartfulHarmony.com

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Every Heart

Every Heart — Message of Hope and Inspiration
Music by Lynn McKenna

My friend Lynn McKenna wrote this beautiful song, Every Heart. I love, love, love the pure heart of her voice!

I made this video with quite a few of my original photos, including my sister Cindy’s Heart Rock.

Food That Rocks

Did you know Will Hale is featured in the fun rock star recipe book,

Food That Rocks by Margie Lapanja, Cindy Coverdale. Will Hale is in good company with Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Jacqueline Pierce, Joe Perry of Aerosmith, Sarah McLachlan, Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead, Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins, John Lodge of The Moody Blues, Alex Ligertwood of Santana, Brian May of Queen, David Coverdale of Deep Purple & Whitesnake.

Amazon has a few nice collectible copies.

My classic peanut butter on toast with corn chips sandwich was one of my favorite recipes I shared and of course we could not record a Tadpole Parade CD without my Mom’s homemade banana bread!