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“Better than awesome!”  Danny age 7
“Will Hale is the greatest singer ever!”  Ryan age 4
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Will Hale offers fun entertainment for kids and families for live concerts, music performances, festivals, community events, pre schools, daycares, elementary schools, scouts, parks and recreation, concert series, churches, private parties and pretty much everywhere there are kids!

Kids are the rock stars! When they clap, dance and sing with Will Hale, the king of rocking air guitar. The kid tested, parent approved and teacher recommended concerts of Will Hale and the Tadpole Parade create a fun atmosphere filled with plenty of audience participation, excitement, and dynamic learning.

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The past few years have been a time for redefining what we do and what is important.

I usually perform over 80 concerts for kids each summer. In 2020 I only performed ten concerts, all of which were in August with my completely portable battery powered sound system I can set up anywhere. The concerts went perfect with outdoor safe distance guidelines.

It has been easy for me to adapt my Tadpole Parade mission for this time because it is still the same mission I wrote in 1996. (I have included an outline of my original mission below.)

When people ask me “What do you do?” I can respond genuinely my life’s work is,
I’m a Greatness Amplifier, Engagement Specialist, Experience Generator. One thing I like about this definition is how perfect it is for what I do performing music with kids, while at the same time it is not limited to any specific skills or career. Kids and Music have always been a primary focus of Tadpole Parade for over 30 years.

I am able to adapt to continued diverse conditions. I have a vast catalogue of skills, knowledge and experience. We can certainly talk about ways we can collaborate to customize what would contribute best to your mission. Here are a few ideas.

Live Concerts for Kids and Families are available, in person, indoors.

Outdoor concerts are an exceptional proven option. With my completely portable battery powered sound system I can set up almost anywhere!

• I am also fully set up to perform live interactive online concerts.

• All of the Will Hale and the Tadpole Parade music recordings are available online. I can share related activities on a variety of themes.

Give me a call and we can explore the possibilities.
Will Hale 651-307-3849

Will Hale Tadpole Parade Vision 1996 -Present 

People often ask me how I connect with kids so easily. I have a clear vision originally refined in 1996. This mission continues to be the natural expression of who I am. These principles are the foundation woven into everything I do.

I work primarily with kids age 2-10 years old.

Three Key Tadpole Parade Messages

You are safe

You are not alone

You are loved

I give permission to everyone to be uniquely who they are.
It’s OK to act naturally, have fun and be happy.

Foundational Principles:

• Accept kids exactly the way they are.

• See kids as powerful equals.

• Genuine exceptional music. I don’t need to sugar coat or play down to kids.

• Provide interactive experiences with memorable songs.

• Allow a dynamic full range of moods and emotions.

• Allow an empowered compassionate confidence in self.

• Love is for Everyone. Love is all inclusive. The kindness of love is powerful.

• Be authentic. Teach by example and demonstrate integrity.

• Cooperation and interdependence are a strength.

• Create an environment of playful abandon where it is safe to explore and enjoy life.

• Reliably access a refuge of consistent stability through safe gentle nurturing rest and relaxation.

• Cultivate the ability to live life without fear.

• Cultivate the ability of live life in abundance.

• Choose a path of beauty filled with curiosity, love and wonderment. Live triumphantly!

• Gratitude is a natural expression of a harmonious life. Building an appreciation and passion for life and respect for all things.

Kid tested, Parent Approved, Teacher Recommended

“Will Hale is a top notch performer. Kids and parents love to dance and rock along with their air guitars. Good fun for everyone!”
Christy Novak – Minnesota Children’s Museum

“It’s fun to watch kids engaged in a positive environment with Will and The Tadpole Parade. His enthusiasm for music and children is contagious!”
Brian Siverson-Hall – Past Executive Director MN Association for the Education of Young Children (MNAEYC) MN School Age Care Alliance

“Will Hale is a true kids rock star.  I always call him first for all of our kids events.”
Kelly Cochrane – President, SilhouettEvents

“Will Hale’s concerts are amazing. We had a blast! A professional production, filled with exceptional talent.”
Kirstin Wiegmann – Ordway Center for the Performing Arts

“Will Hale is always lively and full of energy, He makes a lasting impression, the kid’s love it!”
Lisa Pillar–New Horizon Academy

“Thanks for teaching us fun!” Oliver age 6

“He’s the coolest grown-up I know!” Jessica Buchta – age 12

“Will plays kids music I can actually listen to!” Paul Germann - Parent

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Crank up the volume on your air guitar and jam with Will Hale on his All The Best – Greatest Hits album

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Hear all the Music

Click here for a full selection of Will Hale music.

Perfect World features a diverse mix of songs including a lively version of the ever popular Garden Song, the frequently requested tongue twister drum song Adalena Madalena, several relaxing instrumental guitar tunes and the ultimate jumping song Perfect World.