Will Hale One Light

One Light, Many Reflections

I wasn’t trying to be a writer. It surprised me when I looked through the stack of handwritten notebooks stored in plastic tubs under my bed and realized, I have written over three thousand pages. It started as writing one page songwriting idea snap shots. I don’t write books, I write pages or at my best, distilled wisdom condensed into a single quote.

With over forty handwritten notebooks starting in 1990, great progress has been made in typing all my original volumes from 2007 – 2022 and stepping into the process of selecting highlights for my first compilation titled “One Light, Many Reflections”

I started sharing my writing on the SoulSpring blog in 2019 until the site closed and all the post were deleted. I will eventually repost samples and highlights.

I write from observation, not imagination. I write one page at a time, with only one to five words per line. The structure can look like poetry but has more to do with the physical limitations of a handwritten page and my desire to emphasize multiple meanings. My Page poems are a combination of songwriting sketch pad and journal.

Please send me a message if you would like to be part of the review team to read, preview, organize and suggest highlights to be included in my first published compilation
One Light, Many Reflections. Thanks! Will Hale https://www.heartfulharmony.com/contact/