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"Will Hale is the greatest singer ever!"
Ryan age 4

Children’s Music for Kids and Families  

I Love Everything

Zero Track

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I Love Everything Song List

I Love Everything
Meet me At The Library
Good For You
Make Me Laugh
Your Smiling Face
Come Together
We Can Be Different
Big Feelings
Ol' Hanna
When I'm In Love
After I'm Gone
Brokedown Palace
*May All Beings Be Well
*Ya Salaam

Perfect World Song List

*Take Another Step
Meet Me At The Library
Wise Owl
Garden Song
Ode To Joy
*Acorn Song
Perfect World
Have You Ever Felt Like Crying
Adalena Madalena
Hammer Ring
I Am Free, I Am Unlimited
*Peace Greeting Dance
May The Road

*Free sheet music and more music samples
from Will Hale's CDs are also available by clicking here.

I Love Everything Credits


Bill Dobbs – Art Direction and Cover Illustration, Rebecca Pavelenko – Photography
Julie Janke
– Disc Tadpoles and Tadpole Parade Banner
Francene Hart
– Insert Spine Tadpoles, Wise Owl Art, Duo Tadpole Parade Logo,
Lizz Luce – Design Layout Consultant


Will Hale – Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar and Percussion
Arthur Lee – Electric and Acoustic Guitar,
Marc Anderson – Percussion
Dean Magraw – Electric and Slide Guitar
Jim Anton – Bass
Lisa Fuglie – Mandolin
Brian Wicklund – Fiddle
Willie Murphy – Piano and Guitar (first solo on Make Me Laugh)
Dan Newton – Accordian
Billy McLaughlin – Guitar (Songbird)
Julie Phillips, John ''Hakim'' Bushnell, Mark & Amy Adams-Weston, Meg Maclarea – Harmony Vocals
Jarrett Lewis – Rap Vocals
I Love Everything Chorus – Jackie Braun, Nicole Chapman, Lucy Cochran, Allison Lutz, Danielle J. Ness, Colleen O'Brien, Jennie Ries, Anna Y.H. Turner, Lindsay F. Votel, Cristina Wartfield

Perfect World Credits


Sean Gray
– Cover Art
Bill Dobbs
– Art Direction and Layout
Julie Martinez
– TadpoleParade Banner Logo and Disc Tadpoles
Francene Hart
– Insert Spine Tadpoles, Wise Owl Art, Duo Tadpole Parade Logo,
Chris Fagans
– Earth Notes Art
Zhu Min China
– Peace Painting
''Mona'', Mexico City
– Garden Art
NASA – Space Photos
Greg Wanbaugh Photography


Will Hale – Vocals, Guitar, Congas, Stomps & Claps, Keyboard and Harmonica
Arthur Lee – Electric and Acoustic Guitar,
Erich Hofmeister – Drums, Percussion, Metal Shaker, Stomps & Claps, Vocals
Jeff Toffler – Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Percussion, Face Solo, Stomps & Claps, Vocals
Jonathan Thomas – Bass
Tom Haddox – Piano, Hammond B3 Organ, Keyboards
Tim Kempka – Drums, Percussion, Stomps & Claps
Marc Anderson – Shakers, Tambourine
Jim Anton – Bass
Tom Herbers – Sound Effects
Barry Bernstein – Drone Sound in May The Road,
Additional Vocals – Mark & Amy Adams-Westin, Francis Gurtz, Sher Demeter, Will Hale

Tom Herbers recorded, mixed and mastered I Love Everything and Perfect World
at Third Ear Recording

All songs ©Will Hale and Tadpole Parade 
Licenses to record and distribute Will Hale’s music can be obtained by contacting
Tadpole Parade and Vi Ameamo! Publishing BMI


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