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Music For Peace

Ya Salaam- short (1 MB)
Ya Salaam-long (3.7 MB)
Ya Salaam is the elusive Zero Track on Will's I Love Everything CD, which means ''Oh Peace'' in the Arabic language.

Peace Greeting Dance (2.1 MB)
From Will Hale's
''Perfect World'', CD.
Click here for the dance movements.

May All Beings (1 MB)
May all beings be well is a traditional Buddhist blessing featured as a bonus track at the end of Will Hale’s
''I Love Everything'' CD.

Take Another Step sheet music
Click to get a page to print (page 1, page 2)

MP3 sample of song download click here

Acorn Song sheet music
Click to get a page to print

MP3 full song
download click here.

Snowfall guitar tab
Click to get a page to print

MP3 full song
download click here.
More music samples from all of Will Hale's CDs are also available by clicking here.

All songs © Will Hale and Tadpole Parade

You are welcome to download the following selections of Will Hale’s music for your use and to share with others. This is a gift; please do not sell it. Licenses to record and distribute Will Hale’s music can be obtained by contacting Tadpole Parade and Vi Ameamo! Publishing BMI.


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